Yocan Evolve Plus Review And Sale

Yocan Evolve Plus Review And Sale

The right blend of quality and affordability, the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer Pen is as powerful as it’s inexpensive.

Yocan is a company based in Shenzhen, China. With the goal to become the leading brand in the e-cigarette industry and aims to promote a better lifestyle through the healthier electronic alternative and help many smokers experience a more seamless transition from the conventional method of smoking to vaping.

Their extensive line covers devices that are best suited for the consumption of botanicals, oil, and wax concentrates. Each line of vaporizers have been designed and engineered by professionals who aim to eliminate the harmful effects of conventional smoking like cancer and emphysema. Their products have been known to be both functional and economical. In this respect, the Evolve Plus from Yocan is the perfect example.

Many think of cost effective devices as underperforming, cheap versions of the top shelf uber expensive units and are often mistakenly recommended as “entry level” vaporizers. Well folks, make no mistake, the Yocan Evolve transcends the idea and is made to outperform most portable vaporizers in its class. It features simple and straightforward operation yet top notch powerful vapor output, a hallmark feature amongst Yocan made portable vaporizers.

We tried it out and were surprised of the results, first let’s look at Yocan Evolve Plus’ key components.

The Spec Sheet

  • Superb Vapor Output
  • Equipped With Quartz Dual Coil
  • Has A Built In Ceramic Container
  • Discreet And Stealthy
  • Heats Up Immediately

The Yocan Evolve Plus Design

The Yocan Evolve Plus obviously has good price to quality ratio. The unit is well constructed for a portable handheld vaporizer in its price range, It’s robustly built and does not make any rattling noise nor are any loose parts conspicuously noticeable compared to other vaporizer pens in its class. You can see that the device’s functionality was well taken into consideration in its straightforward design. Its compact construction feels sturdy to your hands, Yocan uses only high-quality materials to ensure the device’s longevity and superb overall quality.

This bold innovation represents a new breed of affordable portable vaporizers that will perform and function as well as devices twice its price, making it one of the most favored unit in its class. The Yocan Evolve Plus vaporizer will surely bring more bang for your buck.

Moreover, taking up the Yocan Evolve Plus feels perfectly comfortable, stashing it as well is a breeze, fits right into the pocket, pouch, bag or purse. Perfect for someone who rides a motorcycle like me, I can take it virtually almost anywhere I go. The way we see it, the Evolve Plus is more of a personal unit compared to its brother the Yocan 3-in-1 Evolve Vaporizer Pen. The Yocan 3-in-1 Evolve Vaporizer Pen is easily our choice for small group sessions, the Yocan Evolve Plus is more of what i’ll take on brisk walks around town or maybe for when I like to take quick hits when I ride alone.

Honestly, vaping for me is more of a lifestyle. The kind of vaporizer you take says a lot about yourself, I got the Yocan Evolve Plus with the black coating, perfect for discreet and stealthy vaping. The black finished unit also features metal trimmings and can easily be mistaken for a pen rather than a vaporizer. Perfectly blends with all the black shirts that’s all in my drawers. It kind of matches my bike too. Apart from black, the Yocan Evolve Plus comes in silver, red, blue and orange.


Vapor Output

You’ll get the output you’d expect from a dual titanium coil quartz atty, strong and intense. Though, you can play with the Yocan Evolve Plus by simply releasing the button mid draw and then pressing it again, the longer you push the button the stronger the vapors get.

Because of how the Yocan Evolve Plus is engineered it tends to produce bigger chunks of clouds when you draw longer, the atomizer immediately, but evenly heats the waxy oil concentrates allowing the Yocan Evolve Plus to yield more visible clouds that are so dense they can be closely compared to the viscosity of real smoke. It’s a cloud chasers dream. What’s more is that it requires no prep time, simply turn the Yocan Evolve Plus on and you’re ready to vape in seconds. I find it perfect for when you like to squeeze in a few hits durings short periods of time like for when you’re out on a break, or simply for when you grab your favorite brew at your local coffee shop. The Yocan Evolve Plus fixes you up in seconds, perfect for when you like to vape on the fly.


Easy To Use

Like most products from Yocan, the Yocan Evolve Plus is fairly easy to use. The Yocan Evolve Plus is pretty much like any other vape pen, this decision not to deviate from this common and kind of a traditional method of using vape pens all the more makes the Yocan Evolve Plus a user friendly unit. Anybody who’s new or would like to try out vaping can easily use and operate the Evolve Plus, we’ve listed the steps down for you so don’t you worry.

  • Power up the device by hitting the button 5 times.
  • Twist the mouthpiece and remove it from the body of the pen.
  • Unscrew the coil cap and load the heating chamber.
  • Hold the button and draw.

By the way, the Yocan Evolve Plus turns off by clicking the button another five times, i find this really useful since I tend to just stash my vape pens in my pockets most of the time. Having the Yocan Evolve Plus securely turned off means I won’t get any misfires that could cause serious damage.

The Yocan Evolve Plus remains a simple, user friendly portable vaporizer that is designed to match products twice its price. It features a one-button control, simple cleaning and parts replacement, a discreet design and effective vapor. This simple operation makes the Yocan Evolve Plus a vaporizer that requires minimum maintenance, something that most newcomers and novices are looking for, though they’re sought after by both noobs and seasoned veterans alike.

Get this product on sale now by following the link below and enjoy top notch vapors without breaking the bank. Make sure you get yourself one before they sell out.