Vaporite Tantric Review

Vaporite Tantric Vaporizer


vaporite tantric herb chamber

  • Price:$125.95
  • Type:Portable Vaporizer

The vaporite Tantric is a quality vaporizer device that everyone is going to use. With 3 different atomizers, you can vaporize oils, waxes and herbs. the small dimensions of 1.25 x 5.25 x 3″ is the standard size that’ll fit comfortably inside your pocket .3ohms will handle any size atomizer that may go on top of the vaporizer’s battery. The Vaporite Tantric is designed to be able to use all the different types of substances out there. It is essentially a box mod on steriods as it can reach temperatures of up to 440°F with precision using the advanced OLED controls you can select if you’re vaping both volts or watts since you can use both. It can max out at 30 watts which is standard for the type of substance you’re using.

The oil tank has an oil tank detection to allow the unit to see how much e-juice is left inside the oil tank. This is perfect for anyone needing to refill their oil tank without knowing if they’re going to burn out their vaporizer. If you want a high quality portable vaporizer like the Vaporite Tantric, this is the one you’re going to want to buy. The Vaporite Tantric can do it all and it is a strong and durable device.

Made out of stainless steel, the vaporite tantric is strong enough to endure any type of accidental drops. The pyrex glass tops can also take a beating as well as they have plenty of strength behind them with titanium coils.   The herbal chamber is made out of all ceramic glass and is perfect for vaporization your herbs at the highest quality degree. Having a high quality vaporizer like the Vaporite Tantric is a very important thing for you to have. The Atomizer and batteries are 510 threaded which means you can attach any 510 threaded attachments to the unit which is a versatile bonus.

When you use the OLED screen, you can select the different modes you want to vape with. Depending on what type of atomizer you have on it, you select the specific mode using the OLED screen controls with the specific type of temperature setting you need for the specific and various types of herbs you have to load in the atomizer. The Custom temperature settings will get the job done so you get a quality vaporization session every time without ever combusting your materials.

Overall the battery is strong enough it can be considered a box mod which is a battery on steroids as it uses voltage and wattage system. It can display all the metrics you need for a quality vaporizer.


Vaporite Tantric Review

Power – 95%

Design – 89%

Ease Of Use – 96%

Portability – 91%

Compatibility – 100%

Price – 95%

Functionality – 96%

Vapor Quality – 95%


The Vaporite Tantric is a quality vaporizer built for any vapor enthusiast that wants a smart cartridge system vaporizer to be able t o vaporize separately their herbs, oils and waxes using an OLED screen to change the wattage as well as the different substances you van use when you have the Vaporite Tantric.