VaporGenie Vaporizer

The small handheld vaporgenie portable vaporizer is shaped just like a cigar pipe, you load your herbs from the top around a ceramic glass herb chamber and then snuggle them into the bowl part where it clicks right in. You turn the unit upside down so your flame goes up right into where the heating chamber is and  your flame will serve as a heat conduction to produce quality vapor without burning your herbal blends.  This is a lower cost portable vaporizer, there’s no batteries or any electrical components. It is an all flame-powered vaporizer so there won’t ever be any technical problems when using the unit.

Heat Transfer

The Vaporgenie uses ceramic stone at the top to incorporate the heat transfer to the herb chamber that will produce the vapor, you inhale to get the vapor inside of your lungs and want to hold it in as long as possible. It screws in using two piece and is very simple to use and operate. No electronics are involved, all you need is a lighter to begin using the simple device that comes with a lifetime warranty.  You will want to make sure you use freshly ground herbs to load inside the herbal chamber, connect the top part where the herbal chamber is and place the ground herbs inside the unit. Snap it into place, put your lighter up to the open bowl part and begin inhaling as the heat will go up against the ceramic stone which uses a heat-transfer technique to vaporize the botanicals which are the active ingredient laying right on top of your herbs.


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Handheld And Easy To Use

Overall using a small handheld portable vaporizer that requires no cords or batteries is a win-win situation. On top of that you get a full lifetime warranty just in case the Vaporgenie stops working, you’ll always know you can turn it in for a full replacement to get a working unit. This is an all traditional unit that mimics the old school method of smoking your herbs but instead, you’re vaping your herbal products into high-quality, combustion-free vapor. For under $60, you can’t go wrong and say you made a bad investment. Buying the vaporgenie would only produce positive results for your aromatherapy experience.

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