Pulsar Vibe

The Pulsar Vibe is another great vape from a great company! It has all the bells and whistles of a more complicated vaporizer with ease of use. One of the things we like most about it is the easy to read LED display that displays how much battery you have left as well as your actual temperature and your desired temp setting. It is extremely easy to operate. The temp is controlled by two up/down buttons.  The way you pack it is simple. The dry chamber is right below the removable mouthpiece. You just pop off the mouthpiece and pack up the chamber, return the mouthpiece and draw. This vape also has a double circulation system to optimize the even heating and is much more efficient on your product.

pulsar vibe

The heat up time is pretty good for a portable vape. Around 30 seconds. Sometimes more on higher settings. The temp range is 350Deg-420deg. It only takes a couple hours to fully charge. It has your standard 5 click lock/unlock feature.

When we tested the Vibe we got a good deal of battery time out of the vape. The only small draw back is it is only compatible with dry materials. For many people that is not much of an issue but if you were going to use oil or wax you would be out of luck with this vaporizer.

Pulsar has many other great vapes as well. Another favorite is the Pulsar Buzz which has been rated highly among professional dry herb enthusiasts along with the APX vaporizer which has very similar features. The lux is similar to the Vibe in many ways. We think that any vape person would enjoy the smooth draw of a pulsar vaporizer. Pulsar is a well known and trusted company in the vape business. We just wish they had a bit longer of a warranty. On most products they offer a 6 month manufacturer warranty.