Pulsar Buzz Review

pulsar buzzThe Pulsar Buzz is one amazing portable vaporizer. It is a really high quality unit and is one of the best. It serves one purpose and that’s to vaporize as much herbal materials at the highest level degree. There’s full simplicity with the Pulsar Buzz. The Pulsar Buzz is simple and uses a powerful 2200mAH battery that uses temperature ranges of 300°F – 435°F.

Pulsar Buzz Design

The Pulsar Buzz is designed simple, has all the components externally you need as well as the inside. The outside layer is made out of polycarbonate materials. The inside is made out of ceramic glass for the glass-on-glass vaporizer experience. The small cell phone look gives it an edge over the other vaporizer since no one would actually ever know it is a vaporizer unless you tell the person. No odors emit when using the unit and you’ll never experience any type of combustion.

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Pulsar Buzz Charging Time

When you want to charge the Pulsar Buzz’s 2200mAH lithium Ion battery it is going to take around 2.5 hours to fully charge this unit. You attach the Buzz to a micro-USB charger that quickly and easily connects to any USB port.

Pulsar Buzz Temperature Control

You are in full control using the Pulsar Buzz as it only takes the person seconds to figure out how to first use the vaporizer right out of the box. Once you press the power button 5 times you will see the OLED screen light up. This is when you have the choice of 300°F – 435°F to have your herbs vaped.

Pulsar Buzz Herbal Usage

When it comes down to charging the Buzz and use the machine, you just need to know that it is a vaporizer that is going to give you the best possible vaporization. Once you understand everything, you’ll be able to get the best technology performance out of this vaporizer. The Buzz is a simple and easy to use system and won’t leave you hanging. You can use any type of herbs. You want to make sure you select premium grade herbal blend since that will have the most flavor and give you the ultimate experience

Buying The Pulsar Buzz

The Pulsar Buzz Is a brand new portable vaporizer. You can’t get a better and more user-friendly vaporizer than the Pulsar Buzz since it will work with any type of herbal material you use with it. At only $109 , the Pulsar Buzz has a strong price most companies cannot compete with. It is just a small pocket-sized vaporizer. You can own the Puslar Buzz If you want to have the best vaporizer in the world.


Pulsar Buzz Performance Rank

Size & Portability – 96%

Performance – 97%

Ease Of Use – 92%

Battery Life – 91%

Vaporization Quality – 89%

Odor Free Vapor – 85%

Technology – 99%

Compatibility – 94%

Vapor Flavor – 95%

Summary Of Pulsar Buzz

The Pulsar Buzz has a small size no larger than 5 inches. It is a very portable vaporizer with a 2200mAH vaporizer. The size of the Pulsar Buzz is very small, discreet and will perform upon what you do with the vapor. The Pulsar produces no odor at all when you use the vaporizer and inhale it correct as it is one of the best portable vaporizers ever made.


User Rating 68.83% (6 votes)