Minivap Vaporizer

The MiniVap vaporizer has highly advanced heat system and awesome suitable and beautiful shape it is portable in handling and also is easy to use possessing a long term battery and is also offering highly advanced and supporting accessories the small size and its awesome designs attract every buyer towards itself and also due to its smart features it is also liked by the owners. It is easily carried anywhere along with its accessories because of its very portable dimensions which will easily fit in your pocket due to these qualities of the MiniVap vaporizer the buyers are likely observed in buying and trying it.

minivap accessories pack

Well advanced features and awesome size

MiniVap vaporizer is making itself a giant between the air vaporizers due to its smart functioning and highly advanced features along with awesome designs and size. Due to its portable size and designs the air vaporizer lovers always desire to try it as it is easy to use and small and portable in size and also due to its durable construction it is the center of attraction for every customer.

Finely installed heating qualities along with many systems

The producing qualities are the best features of the vaporizer because they are finely installed supporting advanced Laminar Heat Flow along with four levels of smart featuring systems of heat which are indicated by the colors (Blue, Pink, Green, Red) in the flashlight these levels indicate heat producing capability which is highly authorized and condensed in the vaporizer the heat producing ability in the levels start from 374 to 437 degrees of Fahrenheit which is a high temperature produced by any vaporizer the features are directing affecting its sales the flash color is indicated according to temperature described below:

Level 1 : Blue


Level 2: Pink


Level 3: Green


Level 4: Red


Possessing a long battery life of 3 hours maximum

Along with many smart features and heating systems the vaporizer also possesses long battery life which is up to 3 hours maximum this feature of long battery life also depend on the temperature levels of the vaporizer at high temperature level the battery of the vaporizer will be highly used and will reduce batter life up to 30 minutes which is the minimum battery life of the MiniVap Vaporizer and at lower temperature levels will be maximum battery life of the vaporizer which is a smart quality of MiniVap vaporizer due to which you can afford high temperature but minimum battery life and low temperature but maximum battery life which is accordingly indication of back light according to the list:

minivap flow chart

Backlight Battery life

GREEN 180 Minutes (max)

ORANGE 60-90 Minutes (medium)

RED <30 Minutes (low)

Accessories offered along with the MiniVap vaporizer

minivap portable vaporizerMany accessories are being offered along with the MiniVap vaporizer which supports and helps the owners to carry it easily and to be comfortable to use it. All the accessories are best in their function which make the MiniVap vaporizer a best product in the customer’s eye. The accessories along with the MiniVap vaporizer are listed here:

  • Lithium-ion supporting battery
  • A mouthpiece
  • Pair of Flexicone tubes
  • Replacement screen
  • Herb chambers
  • Charging Base
  • Charger
  • Liquid pad
  • Brush
  • Premium bag
  • User manual

These offered accessories along with the vaporizer support it to be the awesome one.

The factors of MiniVap vaporizer highly affecting customers

The MiniVap vaporizer possess everything in it highly advanced designs good quality of producing condensed heat temperature small and finely portable size of the vaporizer and all the required accessories offered along with the vaporizer are the best qualities which make every customer love it due to which it seems a desire of every customer to buy it.