Looking For A Portable Weed Vaporizer

When you’re looking for a really great vaporizer, you need to do a bit of research on it. First thing is, does it work to how you want it? Most portable weed  vaporizers vape dry herbs and that’s why people buy them, some might want it for waxes and concentrates but you just need to look to see if it is capable of doing that. You also might want to look at the temperature settings, lots of dry herbs can vaporize different settings. You can look into getting a portable vaporizer that has a digital display, like the Davinci or Sonic vaporizer.

The part that most people don’t know about is a vaporizer that has a certain type of heating element. Convection vaporizers push hot air into the dry material and are less risky in the fact it might not reach your herbs at the combustion level. Convection vaporizers are more expensive and cost a lot more cause more technology is used to create these things. Find out exactly what type of materials the heating element is first. You’ll want to look into vaporizers with ceramic heating. The vaporizers that have cheap plastics you’ll need to stay away from cause it poses a health risk.

Conduction vaporization is the use of heat directly onto the substance. These types of heating elements are cheaper to make cause the have less technology. The more expensive conduction vaporizers uses temperature control and have various pre-set temperatures. The vaporizers that reach your herbs to combustion are the ones with one heat setting and you’ll want a nice glass-on-glass material for the heating element so you don’t taste any after tastes.

So you’re someone that loves to use marijuana vaporizers? Well that’s great because most of the people in the US thrive on marijuana vaporizers, it is just a tradition to own a vaporizer. Vaporizers provide so many added benefits. Increased potency of over 85% is the main one marijuana users look for when they want to switch to the vaporizer. Not only that, savings is the most important factor. On average the daily marijuana smoker will save over $6,000 a year if he uses a good marijuana vaporizer. Let me tell you what a bad vaporizer is, something that burns your herbs, you have to stir your weed, takes forever to vaporize, produces thin and light vapor. When looking for a high quality unit, you need to think of it as if it will be your girlfriend. You’re going to have to take good care of it to make sure it is always in optimal performance. That means you will have to clean the vaporizer every-time you use it or you risk it getting clogged, dies or doesn’t work properly.

A portable vaporizer is suppose to have pure stealth mode. There’s some portable vaporizers that are plain out obvious what it is used for but there are many that look like different gadgets and gizmos. We even have some that look like an inhaler like the Puffit X. You gotta make sure that it can last a long time without always having to charge it. Most portable vapes only last an hour or two and that can sometimes cause problems with convenience.

DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer

da vinci pocket vaporizer

Find out more about Da Vinci’s amazing line of portables by reading our other article here: http://portableweedvaporizers.com/davinci-iq-vaporizer/

The DaVinci Pocket Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer you should get a hold of. It is a perfect looking vaporizer that looks just walkie – talkie . It is a really cool vaporizer and for under $140 , it can be yours. There are so many companies selling it but you can find one at YourVaporizers.Com which you can pick up and get next day shipping.

haze vaporizer stealth banner

The Haze vaporizer is another good vaporizer, for $249.99 it can be yours. It is the only dual portable vaporizer ever made. It has 4 temperature control settings and you can vape oils, waxes and materials simultaneously and seamlessly, it is a vaporizer every vapor enthusiast should use to get the biggest and best experience.

When you’re looking for a high quality portable vaporizer, these are just some of the things you need to look for when choosing your vaporizer. The better vaporizers will be the more expensive ones, you just need to look into having a different vaporizer that can accommodate your needs.