Kandypens Galaxy Tornado Review

kandypens Galaxy tornado

Taking the competition by storm, KandyPens has upped their wax game by adding a unique feature to the highly-acclaimed Galaxy vaporizer. The new and improved Tornado coils guarantee heightened vaping efficiency by improving airflow. This means that you can experience clog-free and leak-proof sessions, making your daily vaping activities more fun and enjoyable.


A Brief History of the KandyPens Galaxy

The KandyPens Galaxy vaporizer has transcended the boundaries of portable wax consumption. It’s one of the few wax pen vaporizers that pioneered and revolutionized the way how we vape our precious materials today. It has been awarded the highly-coveted Best Vaporizer Award from none other than “the magazine of the high society” and the “leading source for cannabis news,” High Times Magazine. Such prestigious acclaim earned the KandyPens Galaxy a distinctive reputation in its class.

The Galaxy vaporizer from KandyPens has elevated portable wax consumption by including three preset temperature settings in its wax pen battery. It’s the first wax pen vaporizer to feature temperature control. Most of the newer pen-style devices used for wax consumption that features the same settings owe it to the KandyPens Galaxy. Because of today’s wide variety of wax concentrates, having different heat settings at one’s disposal is really convenient. Almost every kind of wax material bears unique consistency and the ability to select the correct heat level to vaporize your wax concentrate greatly improves your experience. You can unlock the full potential of your gooey wax material by selecting the appropriate heat level in between sessions.

I would expect nothing less from KandyPens, they have been consistently producing amazing electronic vape products that won them several awards through the years. Backed by an exceptional record from their noteworthy devices, they’re arguably one of the best companies in the vaporizer industry today. Their well-founded presence in the business is greatly reinforced by partnering up with some of the biggest names in the music and lifestyle industry.

In this review, we’ll discuss some of the most important features of the KandyPens Galaxy Tornado vaporizer and how it addresses some of the most common concerns of wax concentrate enthusiasts. The KandyPens Galaxy Tornado is a limited edition model that sports the same exact features from the original Galaxy vaporizer but comes with an added twist. Before we begin here’s a quick glance of the KandyPens Galaxy Tornado.

  • 510 Threaded
  • Leak Proof Design
  • Adjustable Air-Flow System
  • 10 Second Automatic Shutoff
  • Quartz Crystal Lined Chamber
  • Limited Edition Metallic Design
  • Advanced Tornado Edition Coil
  • Temperature Controlled Battery (350°, 390°, and 430°)


The KandyPens Galaxy Tornado looks nothing like average from the inside out, the technology you’d find in this wax pen vaporizer is something you can only see amongst top-shelf units. For its advanced features and premium build quality the Galaxy Tornado sports a reasonably affordable price tag. It’s a device I’d easily recommend both for beginners and experienced users.


The Looks

Let’s face it, most vape pens today look pretty similar from top to bottom. Consisting of basic components like batteries, chambers, and mouthpieces it’s pretty hard to tell what kind of wax pen vaporizer one’s using. The KandyPens Galaxy Tornado comes in distinctive, easily recognizable and sophisticated color options like chrome and rose gold. The KandyPens logo on the side and on the bottom of the vaporizer can be easily be seen as it lights up when you press its single-button control.

The smooth metallic finish allows comfortable hold even for people like me who tend to have sweaty hands. I personally love the gold colored Galaxy Tornado which for me gives off a more polished and elegant vibe. It’s an eye-catching piece especially during group sessions and is perfect for the high rolling wax consumer. A metallic black color option would be best if you want to keep a low profile when vaping in public. The KandyPens Galaxy Tornado vaporizer covers the needs of most wax aficionados and provides you with an option whether you’re a low-key vaper or a flashy wax consumer.



kandypens galaxy tornado coil

The KandyPens Galaxy Tornado vaporizer won’t disappoint you, I was able to draw satisfying clouds of vapor and was surprised how the Tornado coils stacked up to improved its performance. The Tornado coils feature adjustable airflow that starts with a small opening and goes all the way to a fully extended air hole. It’s important to understand how much air holes contribute to your experience. By adjusting the amount of air when you draw, you can subtly alter the flavor and throat hit depending on your taste. By allowing larger quantities of air, you can produce larger and bigger clouds of vapor that are easier on both the lungs and on the throat, though it may affect the ability of your coils to retain the flavor profile of your materials. Conversely, you can increase the flavor notes with stronger throat hits by reducing the volume of air when you draw.

Overall, a tighter airflow yields more flavor and an increase in air volume generates bigger clouds. This can be closely compared to the Thomson-Joule effect as the change in temperature can be observed when air passes through the air holes on the Tornado coils. The amount of airflow influences the temperature of your coil, which then alters the flavor of your vapor. Changing the level of air in between session allowed me to get better results, letting my throat rest after harder hits by increasing the size of the air holes to control the density of the vapors.

In addition, I’ve found that the intake holes were moved from the bottom of the coils to the high side of the walls. This change in design allowed me to pack at least 75% material on the Galaxy Tornado without having to worry about leaks and clogs.


Convenience and Compatibility

The KandyPens Galaxy Tornado uses 510 threaded connections, which I find extremely convenient especially when using cross compatible attachments. The battery lasts longer than what I expected, especially since the Tornado uses two coils which easily drains the battery charge on average wax pen vaporizers. The 10-second automatic shut off feature also allows safer storage since the Galaxy Tornado won’t exactly misfire when you put it in your pocket or in your bag. No leaks, no clogs, no messy mishaps.


In Closing

I’ve had a good time vaping with the KandyPens Galaxy Tornado vaporizer. Its temperature controlled battery coupled with the adjustable airflow functionality proved to be a major improvement from the original Galaxy vaporizer. I would strongly recommend that you buy the Galaxy Tornado and that you add it to your vaping arsenal, it requires less maintenance and sports a durable build quality. Overall, a top pick for those who are looking for their first vaporizer and to those wanting to add a premium piece to their vaping collection.