Indica Vaporizer

Indica Vaporizer is a smartly designed vaporizer along with vapor control system and an awesome capacity for herbs. It is a smart looking vaporizer and is portable in size with an advanced feature installed of vapor control with a high heat producing capability its shape is likely similar to old fashioned zippo type lighters and is coming with a firm wooden case of velvet covering along with a velvet bag it is a new model possessing many smart features and small size easily portable in your pocket to be carried out and contains a high capacity of herbs.

indica herb chamber capacity

New features smart size and high capacity for herbs

The Indica Vaporizer has a very smart shape it is a tiny and portable vaporizer with finely installed features and possesses a good capacity for herbs which can be up to 0.2 grams of herbs loosely packed and placed with space while it has maximum capacity for herbs up to 0.4 grams tightly packed which is very fine capacity a very little pack. Many features has been finely organized in the vaporizer which are going to be a big hit in vaporizer market the features include an ultimate vapor control system with an immediate heat up time which is going to be a threat to other vaporizers everyone is likely observed in trying it from it release due to which it is going to be the giant in the vaporizer market.

Quite immediate heat up time offering five different levels of heat along with some features The Indica vaporizer has a very fine system of heat along with an ultimate vapor control system it possesses an immediate heat up time it has five different setting levels of temperature from 340 to 412 degrees Fahrenheit which are indicated by different colors (cyan, blue, green, purple, red) in LED flashlight the heat system of vaporizer is very smartly organized in the tiny vaporizer the colors of LED flashlight according to temperature are given below

indica heat temperature settings guide

  • Cyan color at 340F which is minimum heat level of Indica Vaporizer
  • Blue color at 358F
  • Green color at 376F
  • Purple color at 394F
  • Red color at 412F which is maximum heat level of Indica Vaporize

Battery life of the Indica Vaporizer

The vaporizer supports a good battery life. The impressive battery life is up to 1 and half hour of non-stop use after charging the battery 3 hours you will get maximum battery life and with auto safety system of shutting off device after 10 minutes of single heat setting as you will get 9 cycles before the running out of battery of the device also keeping in mind that at higher temperature the battery life will be reduced and you will get minimum time while at lower temperature you will get maximum battery life.

Accessories along with the Indica Vaporizer

Many accessories are being offered with Indica vaporizer which will help you use it and utilize its every system in a very fine way and the Indica Vaporizer will be worth thing along with its accessories because you will be able to utilize its every system in an organized and better way and the accessories given by the vaporizer are highly advanced and are giving support to its centers to attract the customers the accessories along with the vaporizer are listed here:

  • A protective wooden case
  • A complete charging kit along with Wall Charger
  • A vaporizer cleaning kit
  • Brush
  • 4 x replacing screens
  • 2 x vaporizing picks
  • 3 x mini spacers
  • Extra chamber doors are also included in it
  • Manual instructions are also been offered by Indica vaporizer

Why should anyone try Indica Vaporizer?

The Indica vaporizer has a smart shape and has many features. The immediate heat up system and vapor control system of vaporizer are going to be the threat to other vaporizer. The accessories included along with Indica Vaporizer are making it a giant. Different levels of heat temperatures and LED color indicating flashlight are the best qualities which are making customers to love it.


Indica Vaporizer

Price – 5

Name – 4

Ease Of Use – 3

Portability – 5

Discreet – 5

Technology – 4

Quality Vapor – 4

Value – 4

Quality Use – 4


The Indica is one of the most discreet vaporizers on the market coming at a decent value for your investment. The Indica is fairly easy to use but has a small herbal chamber and sometimes has complications when heating and using. Overall once you get used to the Indica it could be a good unit to have in your bag.


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