Haze Square Vaporizer

haze square in palmA new Vaporizer created by Haze Industries called the Haze Square is set to be one of the most versatile portable vaporizers in the world. Made out of complete 100% aluminum alloy materials, the stainless steel canisters inside make up for a strong device internally and externally. The Haze square is a powerful vaporizer that holds a 2600mAH battery and only takes 2 hours to fully charge with a 3 hours heating session. The low heating settings the Square uses allows you to taste a flavorful experience with the temperature settings able to adjust from 365, 380 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit. The Haze Square can reach any temperature almost instantly in under 6 seconds.

Haze Square Performance Features

I was amazed at how well and versatile the Haze square is. There’s 4 different bowls you can turn the dial to switch in to and you can load your waxes in one bowl, concentrates in another and the herbs in the 3rd bowl and load anything in the fourth bowl to have a unique and pleasant way to change the types of materials you load inside. The Feedback hepatic vibration being used is how the Haze knows what it is doing. IT is a smart vaporizer that uses a micro-processor to emit the different levels of heating and notifies you once it has reached that heating level. The sliding door with the Haze is an easy way to get access to the heating chamber and loading the bowls is a seamless process and very easy to do. The four high grade heating chambers will allow you to use the Haze to its optimal performance getting any type of substance that can be used and put inside the four different bowls. The Haze Square uses a unique glass air-path that will give you a combustion free experience and the best overall performance possible.

haze square kit

Haze Square Design

Inside the Haze Square Vaporizer

Haze Square has a unique design and has features that consumers want when buying a portable vaporizer. It is only 3 inches tall and weighs about 25 grams as it feels light but durable build. It uses 4 different stainless steel canisters and has three heating settings. The low heating settings are changed with the Haze LED light indicators and they’re pre-set to : 365, 380 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit. The LED light will blink once you hit its optimal temperatures and the LED indicator lights will also tell you how much battery life you have left with the Haze. The strong durable build is made out of 100% grade A aluminum build which is very durable, a light but durable feel to it. Setting the temperatures is easy but loading the chambers is one of the easiest and most fun tasks as it gives you complete space to be able to open the sliding door out and load all four chambers.

Buy The Haze Square

Haze is a world renowned company and makes the best portable vaporizers in the world. If you’re buying a new haze vaporizer you can always find good deals online. To have a durable square vaporizer to be able to use anywhere on the go with it only being 3 inches tall, it will easily slide in and out of your pocket with no problems at all. The 3 different heating temperatures allow you to have a fully optimized experience for using all types of herbs, waxes, oils and concentrates in the four different stainless steel canisters. The Haze Square is by far one of the most useful and best portable vaporizers to ever use.


Haze Square Overall Review

Haze Square Design – 95/10

Haze Square Performance – 94/10

Haze Square Features – 91/10

Haze Square Heating Settings – 85/10

Haze Square Vapor Quality – 94/10

Haze Square Price – 89/10

Haze Square Portablity – 94/10

Haze Square Size – 99/10

Haze Square Price – 84/10

Overall Thoughts On Buying The Haze Square

This is one of the best vaporizers in the world to buy. The Haze Square is an advanced portable vaporizer that uses 4 different stainless steel canisters that you can load your herbs, waxes, and concentrates into the 4 different bowls. Haze Square is made out of 100% aluminum grade A durable metal and is very light with a durable feel. The Haze Square has 3 different temperatures; 365, 380, 390 degrees Fahrenheit which is lower heating settings to be able to taste all of the vapor. If you want to buy a high quality portable vaporizer, the Haze Square is your answer.


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