FlyTab H2Flo Vaporizer Review

flytab h20It is always great to know the new and ever expanding innovation in the vaporizer industry with the rapid growth of new technology comes very expensive and highly functional portable herbal vaporizer units. company research and take most of their labor time to researching and applying new findings into their campaigns for creating new and very advanced portable vaporizers. There’s so many great vapes that just launched to the market that are rapidly expanding and becoming a very serious invention when we have dozens of new portable vaporizers from some of the most successful and popular manufacturers that we can present to you when it is necessary to you to have new portable vaporizers for sale to buy from. By understanding the new and rapidly changing expansion in creating new portable herbal vaporizers for sale, we can now show you all the new ones that have been created and developed this last year alone.

FlyTab H2Flo Portable Vaporizer

Compatibility: Portable Herbal Vaporizer

Price: $199.95


This is one amazing vaporizer that’s made strong and durable from a solid stainless steel finish this vaporizer is clearly built to last. It comes with all the essential accessories needed to successfully vaporize your herbs seamlessly including a portable water attachment to help increase the performance of the Flytab vaporizer with cool vapor output, preserved flavor, filtration of all carcinogens and the enhanced vaporization makes this type of vaporizer a unit anyone would want. The Flytab comes equipped with a glass-on-glass vaping path to give you the most out of your flavor from the botanical and the least amount of altering carcinogens that not only change the taste but add as a deadly carcinogen to your vaping experience. You directly attach the mouthpiece with the oven-tech herbal chamber which is a heating area that you load your herbs into and will never cause any sort of hot spots and will give you by far the best vaping experience. There are different heating levels to where you can set the temperature to get your FlyTab within range of a specific heating temperature that will give you more leverage to better vaporize your herbs. The powerful battery is a lithium ion battery that will give you over 2 hours of continuous vaporization. The all glass components are made out of very thick pyrex glass giving you the extra comfort to know that you have durable glass equipment used with the vaporizer and the fact you can handle the vaporizer at any level of heating knowing in won’t burn you.

FlyTab H2Flo Design

When picking up the FlyTab it is hard to notice the unique design. When you hold it, it has a heavy and durable weight to it. Although it isn’t to big, it won’t really be able to fit in your pocket but it is still an easy vaporizer to carry around for travel. Dimension of the FlyTab is 3 x 4.5 x 7.5 inches. The Oven technology chamber is one feature you can’t help to love about the Flytab, it is made out of ceramic glass. When you’re vaping, you won’t taste any altering metallic tastes and you will get some of the cleanest vapor a vaporizer could produce. This vaporizer uses convection vaporizer technology and the outer shell area is made out of stainless steel grade 3 metal as it does have a heavy feel to it, but not to heavy that it makes it hard to travel around with it. The Air Flow chamber maximizes the flow of vapor and the density giving you some very thick and massive vapor puffs and you can completely control the amount of air-flow coming into the chamber to increase the draw resistance or decrease it, it is completely up to you if you want heavy hitter or a light weight. There are three settings you can specifically set your FlyTab to either: Low, Med, High settings using the heating dial so we can have a great heating range to be able to have effective vaporization sessions so you can have great vaping period of quality, combustion free vapor

FlyTab H2FLo Performance

The FlyTab portable vaporizer performs like no other, it is an amazing vaporizer that has a ceramic oven to where you load your herbs inside to experience the extreme high quality oven-tech heating. The precise heating will focus straight up on the botanical getting extracted vapor being pulled out with the facts of the all glass vapor path preserving any and all flavor that would of ended up being altered if the Flytab’s oven-tech heating chamber and vapor path weren’t built with the FlyTab. Fortunately for the users who use this amazing portable vaporizer, it vaporizers in amazing format, it is very easy to use and the best part is, you can taste the amazing tastefulness and potency of the vapor it produces. The FlyTab can also use oil, it isn’t recommended to use oils or concentrates with the Flytab. If you don’t mind cleaning up messes then the Flytab would work with oils and concentrates with no problems. One of the biggest things I liked on how the H2Flo performed with was the H2Flo’s water attachment atomizer. The biggest thing with the water attachment is the enhanced flavor and the cool output of the vapor. You won’t have a burning throat nor will the vapor be warm at all, with some cold water, you will have a nice portable vaporizer

FlyTab H2Flo Portable Vaporizer Overall

Design – 85/10

Durablity – 94/10

Materials – 95/10

Compatiblity – 83/10

Portablity – 84/10

Technology – 87/10

Features – 95/10

Accessories – 97/10

Discreetness – 75/10

Battery – 91/10

Vapor Quality – 96/10

Vapor Taste – 95/10

Overall Review Of The FlyTab H2Flo

Overall, the FlyTab H2Flo vaporizer exceeded my expectations. The cost was perfect, I didn’t feel like I over paid for an overrated unit. The H2flo comes with everything you need to enhance your vaping experience from the water tool attachment to the cleaning brushes and tools to be able to safely load, maintain and store the vaporizer for future optimal use. The strong lithium battery lasted exactly 1 hours and 45 minutes and it took it only 45 minutes to fully charge. I did accidentally drop the vaporizer, it didn’t hurt or damage the appearance or internal components at all. This vaporizer is unique and not like many others which is why it is a perfect portable vaporizer to own. It isn’t to discreet, just perfect to be able to travel around but you cannot put it in your pocket as it is to big. Being able to custom change the air-flow guage was a big plus in my book since I love to experience very large pulls I found the air-flow chamber was something I loved to set to where there’s literally no resistance and I can take some massive pulls. The herbal chamber can fit nearly a gram of herbs inside of it, the entire area will vaporize on all side of the chamber so there won’t be any un vaped spots or hot spots on your herbs which just proves you get consistent vaporization quality. The FlyTab is one of my newest and most favorite vaporizers this year and it is one I have fell in love with.


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