Da Vinci Ascent

It is a newest model of the Davinci Ascent possessing many features and good designs with variety of colors. The vaporizer has highly smart designs good heat temperature control system supporting digital system. The digital temperature control system is a revolution in the portable small sized vaporizer. It possesses a high condensed heat system which can reach up to 430 degrees of Fahrenheit which is almost making it a giant and a revolution in the market of portable vaporizers. It has been installed with highly advanced features along with advanced and condensed heat system. The Ascent, like many is compatible with wax, oils and herbs as well. This portable unit will save you from actually owning a wax pen even though it is nice to have different styles of vaping one the go. Vape pens provide more stealth and better discreetness when you’re out in public.  The beautiful and smart designs are also offering variety of colors which are the awesome ones of the Davinci vaporizer.

Smart Designs along with featuring variety of colors

No doubt, the new model of Davinci possess some good and new advanced features also but along with that it also offers some fabulous designs and portable size. The vaporizer is alos offering variety of colors which also builds up the good personality of the vaporizer. Along with possessing some sleek designs the features also include many other varieties which are the plus pints of the vaporizer. The vaporizer is very easy to use and comfortable to handle and control it. Possessing some smart designs and advanced features of heat system its variety of colors are also making it distinct and unique from other vaporizer so its some of qualities it is being an apple of eye for every customer.

Stealth, Burl Wood, Croc Skin

Advanced condensed heat systems and qualities

The vaporizer has fairly better qualities of heat system. It possess auto shut off timer which make you able of taking heat for desired time. You can set the timer of auto shut off between 30 seconds to 20 minutes according to your wish. Due to its digital vapor control system you are also able to adjust its temperature in 1 degree interval continuously. It also supports rapid heat up system you can easily reach your desired temperature in 30 seconds so it is very easy to use and portable to hand. It also contains complete glass vapor path and mouthpiece. IT is also easy to clean along with ceramic heat system. Its temperature probably can increase up to 430 degrees of Fahrenheit which is a condensed heat system provided by the Ascent Davinci Vaporizer.

da vinci ascent stealth black

Battery life supported by Davinci Ascent Vaporizer

The Davinci Ascent Vaporizer supports and good battery life which will make you to feel free of its shutting down time. The Davinci Ascent Vaporizer can easily support 2 and half hour of vape time interval but usually takes a long period to be charged. It takes 5 hours to be charged completely to be used for 2 and half hours. Its auto shut off quality will make you love it because you are able to use its vape for the interval you desire due to which it can be used for long period. This quality of vaporizer make it highly portable to carry it anywhere without worries.

Accessories included along with Davinci Ascent Vaporizer

The vaporizer is highly suitable and stylish for everyone but its not enough for a buyer to easily buy it. The accessories included along with the vaporizer make sure that you are comfortable in buying it. The accessories along with the vaporizer are the support giving factors to easily use it. Its accessories also will help you to clean it, carry it and it use it easily. Its accessories are also of very high quality and are very reliable too. The accessories provided along with Davinci Ascent Vaporizer are listed here:


  • 2 Glass mouthpieces along with 2 internal glass stems
  • 2 oil jars of glass
  • A stirring stick
  • A good reliable carrying pouch
  • Battery charger
  • Three replacing screens of the vaporizer
  • A manual instruction is also being provided

Factors of Vaporizer making customers buy it

The stylish designs and portable size are the plus points of the vaporizer. Many advanced features such as digital temperature control system along with complete glass mouth piece and vapor path are the centers of attraction for the buyers. Auto shut off system of heat and accessories included with vaporizer are definitely the factors compelling the customers to buy it.


Davinci Vaporizer Review

Design – 5

Technology – 5

Battery – 4

Display – 5

Price – 4.5

Value – 4

Taste Quality – 4.1

Ease Of Use – 4

Portability – 5

Functionality – 5

Durability –   4

Popularity – 5

Maintenance – 4


The design is superb looking as if it where a late model nokia phone with very good technology as it is a smart vaporizer that uses a motherboard to power and control your vaporizer from the settings displayed on the OLED touch screen. The Ascent remembers your past setting and it will remember multiple setting points. Since Davinci lowered the Ascent to $199 , the value and price are on point as this is one of the more popular vapes listed.


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