Yocan Evolve Plus Review And Sale

Yocan Evolve Plus Review And Sale

The right blend of quality and affordability, the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer Pen is as powerful as it’s inexpensive. Yocan is a company based in Shenzhen, China. With the goal to become the leading brand in the e-cigarette industry and aims to promote a better lifestyle through the healthier electronic alternative and help many smokers … Continue reading “Yocan Evolve Plus Review And Sale”

SideKick Vaporizer — Kickin’ It New School

7th floor sidekick vaporizer review

The SideKick Vaporizer is 7th Floor’s rendition of a portable herb and wax unit. It’s jam-packed with new and innovative features which set the SideKick a cut above the competition in the portable vaporizer game. It’s for the tech-savvy vape enthusiasts who love taking quick hits on their feet. To help us get started with … Continue reading “SideKick Vaporizer — Kickin’ It New School”

Kandypens Galaxy Tornado Review

kandypens Galaxy tornado

Taking the competition by storm, KandyPens has upped their wax game by adding a unique feature to the highly-acclaimed Galaxy vaporizer. The new and improved Tornado coils guarantee heightened vaping efficiency by improving airflow. This means that you can experience clog-free and leak-proof sessions, making your daily vaping activities more fun and enjoyable.   A … Continue reading “Kandypens Galaxy Tornado Review”

Summit Vaporizer

The Summit herbal vaporizer by Vapium performs like no other. This dry herb portable vaporizer is designed and loaded with features for the great outdoors. Rugged, reliable and redefined, the Summit Vaporizer will never leave your side. The shell of the Summit is made from a sturdy polycarbonate material, which gives it a durable, high-strength … Continue reading “Summit Vaporizer”