Atmos Vicod 5G

As time moves on there’s many new types of vaporizers being developed each and every day. When you look for a vaporizer there’s some things you

want to look for before buying it. The first thing is the size, is it competent with the way I travel and use the vaporizer? Are you using the

vaporizer at home or on the go? There are many different sizes of portable vaporizers for sale. Will it fit in my pocket? Generally a vaporizer

around 6 inches or less will fit in your pocket or purse perfectly without being to bulky or to long. OLED screen, the portable vaporizer should

always have a screen to where you can set a precise temperature. If it doesn’t, make sure the vaporizer has a selection LED indicator lights to

where you push a button to cycle through the temperatures but the OLED screen is the best to have as this is a vaporizer used at precise

temperatures. Fact is, not all herbs are the same, some have more THC content, moisture and thickness to it which would require higher heat to

vaporize. Marijuana with extreme THC content require low heating at first and the cycle of heat should always move up with the vaporizer. Loading

chamber should always be ceramic or pyrex glass with a heater at the bottom that blows air up to the botanical to extract it into vapor. A

Vaporizer without this will either be a conduction vaporizer or use stainless steel pathway which tends to bring a metalic and unwanted taste.


Atmos Vicod


The Vaporizer I will be introducing you today is called the Atmos Vicod 5G. I was lucky to buy one from my favorite store and

I notified the company I’d write an honest review but detailed so I can show new customers this review since my use of the Atmos Vicod 5G was a

good experience. The Atmos Vicod 5G has many great features that should be featured in every vaporizer. The Atmos Vicod comes stacked with a

very powerful 2200mAH lithium Polymer battery, it’s specifically designed to withstand over time. Most people don’t know about overcharge abuse,

it happens when you charge the battery and keep charging when it is already fully charged. Lithium Polymer batteries are designed to counteract

the cell molucules that overload and diminish over time. It is a very good battery to have but lithium polymer batteries are more expensive.

Buying the Atmos Vicod 5G, you get an amazing portable vaporizer that uses convection vaporization heating as the herbal chamber acts as an oven

and preciesly vapes your botanical off the herb without letting the herb burn itself into smoke, therefor you’re getting very clean and pure


Atmos Vicod 5G Battery

Most portable vaporizers such as the Atmos Astra have a big battery but only last less than an hour of vape time. This is because the 18650

batteries diminish their ultimate battery power. With the Atmos Vicod 5G, the 2200mAH battery won’t burn out, it is also backed by a

manufacturers 5 year warranty and the battery lasted my vape session over 4 and a half hours before I was indicated from the OLED screen to

charge the battery up. It uses a micro-USB charger and when you fully charge the Vicod 5G battery, it cuts off the electrical current which is

also another reason why the battery lasts so long.

Atmos Vicod 5G Technology

PHOTO: Unit Parts


Love the technology in the Vicod 5G, it performs like the best portable vaporizer on earth and I find myself using this daily now cause I love

the compact and small 3.5″design. I can vape on the go seemlessly without drawing suspicion to what I’m doing since it is designed like a cell

phone and looks like one as well. I pop off the rubber mouthpiece to load the herbal chamber up and than I press the power button 5 times to

unlock the heating process and under 30 seconds, I notice it has fully reached its max temperature. With the OLED precise temperature control

settings and the visual monitoring, there’s no more guessing when to pull unlike its predessesors, you can visually see the exact temperature at

any moment as the temperature gauge quickly reaches its max temperature of 435 Degrees Fahrenheit. You can add or remove the Fahrenheit guage by 1 Degree Fahrenheit, most portable vaporizers have increments of 5 to 10 degrees but the Vicod is very precise with a smart chip inside and knows

exactly what temperature it is at as it’ll display on the screen at all times when the vaporizer is powered on.

Concluding my review I love the Atmos Vicod 5G, it is now my new favorite and came out late 2015. Taking pulls are very quality-like comparing to

the Astra, I had to mod holes in the Astras screen but with the Vicod 5G, The advanced air-flow vents make getting quality and thick vapor pulls

very lively and quality tasting. When you can control the amount of precise Fahrenheits from a well light OLED it makes for a good vaporizer. It

also rests in the vapor chamber, ceramic glass with the heater below and your herbs resting about an inch away from the heater as your pulls will

vortex hot air up to the herbs and give you a good vaporization session. When you get a hold of the Vicod, you’ll quickly notice the intuitive

and ultra high-quality and durable design and it is only 3.5 inches fitting snug right in my pocket. I take this vaporizer everywhere as I charge

it when I’m asleep knowing it is safe and won’t overcharge the battery power molucules like other vaporizers do. I bring this unit to work all

the time and since there isn’t any odor, no one actually knows I’m vaping and medicating all the time to prevent my severe seizures as I don’t

like taking narcotics so I moved to medicinal marijuana. Overall at $119, you can’t get a better price from


Design – 95%

Performance – 94%

Quality – 97%

Ease Of Use – 100%

Vapor Density – 87%

Price – 99%

Flavor – 92%

Battery – 93%


The Atmos Vicod is one of my new favorite portable vaporizers, the amazing temperature range makes for a good experience. The precise settings with the advanced heating settings with the OLED screen makes it nice to be able to monitor the amount of heat you put to your herbs. The Battery being a 2200mAH lithium Ion Polymer battery actually lasts a long time as you’ll get 4 and a half hours of consistent vapor. The price at $119 is amazing and the design being only 3″ fits snug in your pocket as well as your hand.


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