Arizer Air Vaporizer

arizer airThe new arizer air vaporizer has been launched with small and portable shape it possesses complete package of all the accessories which make it just a perfect vaporizer to be bought along with long term battery and due to its portable and small size it is easily fit in the pocket and can be easily used by anyone so that the well authorized and well organized vaporizer is just the best one which will make you love it. No doubt it has a good heating capacity it has the ability of being best due to its user replaceable battery which can be charged by the air itself or any other external chargers so choosing it as your air vaporizer is a best and intelligent choice.

Features and size portability

The vaporizer itself is the awesome one. It has many well organized and highly advanced features of interchangeable battery automatically itself charged vaporizer better designs high quality ceramic heating system and many more which are center of attraction for buyers. The best feature of the air vaporizer is its small size and is easily portable in your pocket and its size is so small that you can take it anywhere in your pocket as compared to other Airs it is the best one so using it as your air vaporizer is not a bad choice but probably seems smart choice

Best Heating Quality with many systems

The awesome featuring of the air vaporizer is that it contains five different temperature which range from 338 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit from level 1 to level 5 which are indicated by five different colors (Blue, White, Green, Orange, Red) along with supporting high quality ceramic heat systems the more condensed temperatures are the best features of the air vaporizer. The levels of the vaporizer are listed here

Level 1: Blue


Level 2: White


Level 3: Green


Level 4: Orange


Level 5: Red


Long Batter Life and Features

The new advanced battery features are installed in the air vaporizer. It supports interchangeable or replaceable 18650s battery and the battery can be charged by itself by air internally or by any other external chargers possessing long battery life 3-4 or 12-15 minutes session can be easily taken from it takes approximately 2 and half hours to be charged full from the dead battery so these features of the air will easily compel you to buy it.

Accessories included along with air vaporizer

The air vaporizer is giving you a complete accessories package which are included in air vaporizer bag in which the some of accessories are mentioned which are supporting to increase it sells and attracting more buyers towards itself the accessories include the following

  • The charging appliances with high power adapter
  • Two high quality glass diffuser stems
  • Dish of glass Aroma
  • Carrying case of the vaporizer
  • Also offering clear protective skin of the vaporizer
  • Stirring tools of stainless steel are offered by the air vaporizer

The good qualities along with advanced features also offering many appliances probably making it highly rated air vaporizer and it is an awesome one too.

Qualities and Advanced features which will compel you to buy it

The awesome shapes and good portable size of the vaporizer are its plus points its replaceable long time battery internal or external charging points and the high quality ceramic heating in 5 levels of the air vaporizer just make it perfect for every owner along with many compatible accessories are the centers of the air vaporizer which attract the buyers towards itself and the new model along with condensed heating system make it top ranked air vaporizer

The option for buying and using it is a very worth and smart thought which should not be ignored by anyone.


Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

Design – 5

Portability – 5

Price – 4.5

Technology – 4.1

Ease Of Use – 4

Compatibility – 4

Cleaning & Maintenance – 4

Flavorful Vapor – 4.9

Heating Element – 4


We know this is the latest version of portable vaporizers from Arizer and the compatibility for this unit is up to par with the basic arizer vaporizer design it is mediocre as well as the cleaning and technology we rate it above average but the biggest add on that makes the Arizer Air a good working unit is the heating technology.


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